#BrokenRecordShow app updated for iOS and Android

#BrokenRecordShow app - comics list

The wonderful people at Plum Flower Software have updated the #BrokenRecordShow app! It’s available for iOS and Android & it’s pretty great.

The app features our show schedule plus comedians bios, links and videos so you can make sure you know what’s happening when and plan accordingly (if you’re one of the few people who haven’t already decided to camp out the entire week and watch every single second of the show).

The app is FREE. Tickets for #BrokenRecordShow are available at the door beginning 5am Sunday, April 15th. The schedule of comics on #BrokenRecordShow is available on the new “Broken Record Show” app, on BrokenRecordShow.com, is included in Nashville StandUp’s embedded google calendar as well, and can be accessed via html or any software that uses the iCal format.

Plum Flower SoftwarePlum Flower Software is a long time sponsor of #BrokenRecordShow and we love working with them. They specialize in custom application development for websites and mobile platforms and being the best.

Services Plum Flower Software provides include:

  • custom database-driven web and mobile business applications
  • custom system automation
  • CMS sites (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc)
  • legacy migration/integration
  • open-source development
  • cloud development, including Salesforce and Heroku

Please check out their website: http://plumflowersoftware.com/ and follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/plumflowersoftware/ and give them a yell if you have a project they could help you with. They cranked this app out SUPER FAST and we love what they’ve done. They take initiative, they are full of great ideas, they’re wonderful to work with, and Nashville StandUp and #BrokenRecordShow highly recommends them. Plum Flower Software is just the best. Go download that app.

Broken Record Comedy Show #4 tickets on sale NOW

#BrokenRecordShow 4 - April 15-22, 2018 at Third Coast Comedy Club. Original poster art by Carden Illustration!

Tickets are now on sale for NashvilleStandUp.com‘s #BrokenRecordShow 4 – April 15-22, 2018 at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, TN. 184 hours and 31 minutes of 24-hours-a-day non-stop WORLD RECORD BREAKING comedy as part of the Nashville Comedy Festival.

Beginning at 5am on Sunday, April 15th, 2018, Nashville StandUp will attempt to top it’s own world record title for “LONGEST COMEDY VARIETY SHOW” at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, TN as part of the Nashville Comedy Festival. Nashville Standup is the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS holder for “LONGEST STANDUP COMEDY SHOW – MULTIPLE COMEDIANS” – a record it originally set in 2015 and have topped by five minutes annually ever since.

The 184 hours and 31 minutes of 24-hours-a-day non-stop WORLD RECORD BREAKING comedy show features stand-up comedy sets from nationally touring comedians plus surprise drop-ins from comics of various levels of fame and fortune (and infamy and misfortune) PLUS sketch and improv comedy group performances! The show is co-produced by Nashville-based comedians DJ Buckley and Chad Riden.

ALL ACCESS and VIP tickets are available only BEFORE the show begins! Day passes will be available at the door during the show.

The show will also be live streamed on NSUP’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

#BrokenRecordShow 4 - April 15-22, 2018 at Third Coast Comedy Club. Original poster art by Carden Illustration!

ADVANCE TICKETS: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3231619
FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1845097035532574/
INFO: BrokenRecordShow.com

Third Coast Comedy Club: 1310 Clinton Street, Suite 121, Nashville, TN 37203

FREE submissions on 2/17

FREE BrokenRecordShow4 – April 15-22, 2018 COMIC SUBMISSIONS for 24 hours February 17th using coupon code:

In honor of our late friend Ralphie May, we’re offering FREE BrokenRecordShow 4 (April 15-22, 2018) COMIC SUBMISSIONS for 24 hours on Ralphie’s birthday, February 17th, using coupon code: RIPRALPHIE.


4/21/2017 WSMV story on #BrokenRecordShow vol. 3 (video)

Thanks to WSMV-TV / NBC Channel 4 for coming by #BrokenRecordShow vol. 3 the other day. “The concept is simple: can comedians from all across the country take a Nashville stage and tickle funny bones before tuckering out?” Here’s the video we stole from their website:

Here’s their original story:

Talk it up on WSMV’s facebook post: