School Of Laughs Podcast: “Let’s Break The Comedy Record Again!”

School Of Laughs Podcast Episode #83

Rik Roberts is a Nashville-based 23-year comedy veteran who runs the School Of Laughs podcast and classes. We were lucky enough to have him do several sets as part of the original April 12-20, 2015 record breaking show. He recently invited #BrokenRecordShow co-producer Chad Riden back to the School of Laughs podcast for episode #83 to talk about our May 15-23 show. Listen in as they discuss:

– valuable lessons learned from the first attempt
– where to stack a few extra comics in case you need someone on stage at 3 a.m.
– why the support of local comics made all the difference
– how the show almost fell apart – more than once
– how much the event costs to put on
– what requirements you need in order to take part this year
– how to submit your name for participation
– how you can support the event even if you can’t attend / perform
– and much, much more.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or on the School of Laughs website.